Vibieffe 360 Confident curved sofa
Vibieffe 360 Confident curved sofa
Status leather sectional sofa by Burhens
Status leather sectional sofa by Burhens

Vibieffe 425 Con Tempo custom modular sofa

Monthly payment from 110.23 / 60 months

4,490.00 Inc. VAT

Vibieffe 425 Con Tempo custom modular sofa

Vibieffe 425 Con Tempo custom modular sofa

Price 425 Con Tempo 2 seater sofa quotation for the model according to the photo – in Pure col. 02 cat. D fabric.
Endless arrangement solutions for any style 425 Con Tempo is an Italian design project, entirely made in Italy. The sofa is made of multiple modules for easy and multiple combinations that make it suitable for every space. This sofa has been designed to allow you a practically endless range of furnishing solutions and to enhance interior design solutions for quality home interiors.
The 425 Con Tempo’s clean lines are emphasized by a matching colour profile. The armrest has been designed to be embracing but at the same time restrained; this way, its shape and position make a large seat that results to be comfortable, welcoming and extremely cozy. The classical cylinder-shaped foot in black-lacquered wood is also available covered with a brass plate, and it makes both the sofa and the furnished space unique. Top quality Italian materials, upholstery, covers and finishes The 425 Con Tempo’s structure is made of solid fir-wood and multilayer and composite woods. The seat’s springing is given by high resistance unidirectional elastic bands. The frame’s padding is made of polyurethane foam covered with heated bonded polyester fibre. Seat cushions have a core in polyurethane foam covered with a feather layer in separate sections. Back cushions are filled with sterilized and washed feather in separate sections with a core in polyurethane foam.

Free delivery for orders above €2000 in Europe

Fabric covers can be completely removed, unlike leather covers that are fixed to the structure. Feet can be black standard or cylinder-shaped brass feet.

Cushion is not included, brass feet +395€

Dimensions: 2 seater
L. 233 x D. 100 x H. 76  cm (arm depth 9 cm height 56cm. seat depth 54 cm height 43 cm. legs 8 cm.)

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