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Soho dining table
Soho dining table

Soho dining table

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Soho dining table

Soho dining table
Aimed at being the statement piece of refined dining room, the new SOHO dining table is the epitome of perfect craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a racetrack extendable top, it features a dynamic retro look made of a suggestive combination of straight and curved lines, solids and voids. It can come wood or glass top. The base is also embellished by a brass ornament that creates an instant visual match with the brass bases of sideboards and cabinets.

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Extendible rectangular table


Dimensions: small no extendible rectangular
L. 160 x D. 160 x H. 76 cm
Dimensions:  L extendible rectangular
L. 150+50+50 x D. 100 x H. 76 cm
Dimensions: XL extendible rectangular
L. 180+50+50 x D. 100 x H. 76 cm
Dimensions: XXL extendible rectangular
L. 213+50+50 x D. 100 x H. 76 cm
For more wood stain and lacquer color options please contact us via our email or come to our physical store.


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