Blanc Bed by Furninova
Blanc Bed by Furninova
2018, March 21
Neo bed by Furninova
Neo bed by Furninova
2018, March 22

Sake LC by Furninova

Monthly payment from 21.40 / 60 months

776.002,373.80 Inc. VAT

776.002,373.80 Inc. VAT

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CASUAL DARK GREY CASUAL GREY CASUAL IVORY CASUAL LIGHT BLUE CASUAL MINT CASUAL MOLE CASUAL PETROL CASUAL SILVER CASUAL TAUPE Eros Antracit EROS BRONZE Eros Burgundy Eros Earth Eros Forest Eros Midnigh Eros Mole Eros Mustard Eros Night Eros Ocean EROS PEACH Eros Petrol Eros Plum Eros Seagrass Eros Stone Evita Antracit Evita Aqua Evita Aubergine Evita Baby Blue Evita Banana Evita Black Evita Blueberry Evita Coffee Evita Concrete Evita Cream Evita Forest Evita Green Tea Evita Ice Evita Ivory Evita Lavendel Evita Lemon Evita Light Beige Evita Light Grey Evita Light Pink Evita Lime Evita Mole Evita Nature Evita Ocean Evita Orange Evita Peach Evita Pear Evita Pearl Evita Petrol Evita Pink Evita Plum Evita Purple Evita Rospberry Evita Salmon Evita Sand Evita Silver Evita Sky Evita Snow Evita Soft Grey Evita Soft Pink Evita Soft Purlple Evita Strowberry Evita Sun Evita Taupe Evita Wine Hombe Light Beige Hombre Dark Grey Hombre Light Beige Hombre Light Green Hombre Light Grey Hombre Light Pink Hombre Mole Hombre Silver Nancy Nature Nancy Sand Nancy Soft Blue Nancy Soft Grey Nancy Soft Pink Peron Antracite Peron Aubergine Peron Bronze Peron Dark Blue Peron Dark Green Peron Dark Grey Peron Olive Peron Petrol Peron Plum Peron Raspberry Peron Teal Peron Terracotta Tristan Beige Tristan Grey Tristan Mole Tristan Sand Tristan Stone Triton Antracit Triton Charchoal Triton Ivory Triton Light Beige Triton Light Grey Triton Soft Blue Triton Soft Green Triton Stone Triton Wine None
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Sake LC Modern Style Sofa or seater will suit your day to day needs


Sake is all about comfort and a relaxed sense of luxury.

With a generous seat depth and stunning looks in linen or cotton fabrics, it is a total charmer. Its unique seat combination of memory foam and feather-filled seat cushions make its comfort a unique experience of being both soft and supportive. Be warned, once you sit down you might not want to get up.

Free delivery for orders above €2000 in Europe

Available in many different fabrics
Dimensions: 1,5-Seater
L.133 x D.114 x H.95 cm(H42 x D62(with pillows)/76(total) cm)
Dimensions: 3-Seater
 L.233 x D.114 x H.95 cm(H42 x D62(with pillows)/76(total) cm)
Dimensions: 3-Seater: (2 pcs)
 L.234x D.114 x H95 cm(H42 x D62(with pillows)/76(total) cm)
Dimensions: 4-Seater
L.261 x D.114 x H.95 cm(H42 x D62(with pillows)/76(total) cm)
Dimensions:4-Seater: (2 pcs)
L.262 x D.114 x H.95 cm (H42 x D62(with pillows)/76(total) cm)

*2 pcs – sofa from 2 modules/pieces, recommended for those who have narrow corridors or staircases for easier carrying.
The standard production and delivery time is 8 weeks
Note: Some C category Fabrics are made from an easily washable “Aqua Clean” material, perfect if you have kids or pets, please contact us for more info.
For custom size sofa or more fabric information please contact us or visit us for a personal consultation.


B category fabric

CASUAL DARK GREY, CASUAL GREY, CASUAL IVORY, CASUAL LIGHT BLUE, CASUAL MINT, CASUAL MOLE, CASUAL PETROL, CASUAL SILVER, CASUAL TAUPE, Eros Antracit, EROS BRONZE, Eros Burgundy, Eros Earth, Eros Forest, Eros Midnigh, Eros Mole, Eros Mustard, Eros Night, Eros Ocean, EROS PEACH, Eros Petrol, Eros Plum, Eros Seagrass, Eros Stone, Evita Antracit, Evita Aqua, Evita Aubergine, Evita Baby Blue, Evita Banana, Evita Black, Evita Blueberry, Evita Coffee, Evita Concrete, Evita Cream, Evita Forest, Evita Green Tea, Evita Ice, Evita Ivory, Evita Lavendel, Evita Lemon, Evita Light Beige, Evita Light Grey, Evita Light Pink, Evita Lime, Evita Mole, Evita Nature, Evita Ocean, Evita Orange, Evita Peach, Evita Pear, Evita Pearl, Evita Petrol, Evita Pink, Evita Plum, Evita Purple, Evita Rospberry, Evita Salmon, Evita Sand, Evita Silver, Evita Sky, Evita Snow, Evita Soft Grey, Evita Soft Pink, Evita Soft Purlple, Evita Strowberry, Evita Sun, Evita Taupe, Evita Wine, Hombe Light Beige, Hombre Dark Grey, Hombre Light Beige, Hombre Light Green, Hombre Light Grey, Hombre Light Pink, Hombre Mole, Hombre Silver, Nancy Nature, Nancy Sand, Nancy Soft Blue, Nancy Soft Grey, Nancy Soft Pink, Peron Antracite, Peron Aubergine, Peron Bronze, Peron Dark Blue, Peron Dark Green, Peron Dark Grey, Peron Olive, Peron Petrol, Peron Plum, Peron Raspberry, Peron Teal, Peron Terracotta, Tristan Beige, Tristan Grey, Tristan Mole, Tristan Sand, Tristan Stone, Triton Antracit, Triton Charchoal, Triton Ivory, Triton Light Beige, Triton Light Grey, Triton Soft Blue, Triton Soft Green, Triton Stone, Triton Wine, None

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