Elle-Emme-Esse sofa bed
Elle-Emme-Esse sofa bed
Nuvola sofa bed
Nuvola sofa bed

One-Two-Three sofa bed

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One-Two-Three sofa bed

One-Two-Three sofa bed
MILLENIUM self-supporting bed base structure with electro-welded steel tops, painted aluminum color, with inserts of elastic belts in correspondence with the seats. The armrests, the backrest and the cladding elements are in wood and by-products with polyurethane foam padding, all covered in white velvet. The seat and back cushions are anchored to the net so as not to have to remove them when opening. A version with beech slats is available on request (without additional cost).
Seat and back cushions in real down with polyurethane foam insert, covered in pure down proof cotton fabric.
Spring mattress, 14 cm thick (on request, with a surcharge, latex and foam mattresses 13 cm thick, the latter particularly suitable for the slatted base).
Upholstery only in completely removable fabric.
Feet not visible in walnut-stained wood.
NOTES: in the fixed version the structure is in wood and by-products with elastic belt suspension and polyurethane foam padding, all covered in white velvet.

Free delivery for orders above €2000 in Europe

Available in many different fabrics

Dimensions: One 140/160/180/200  sofa
L. 160/180/200/220 x D. 96 x H. 93 cm
Dimensions: Two 140/160/180/200 sofa
L. 170/190/210/230 x D. 96 x H. 93 cm
Dimensions: Three 140/160/180/200 sofa
L. 172/192/212/232 x D. 96 x H. 93 cm
Dimensions: Mattress 140/160/180/200
L. 100/120/140/160 x D. 200 x H. 14 cm(11 cm)
Lenght with open bed net: 215 cm
For more size fabric and leather options please contact us via our email or come to our physical store.


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