Ena wood desk
Ena wood desk
2022, September 22
Staf solid wood dining table
Staf solid wood dining table
2022, September 25

Stafa wood small table

Monthly payment from 21.30 / 60 months

790.00 Inc. VAT

790.00 Inc. VAT

Oak wax color
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Oak | Hardwax oil Natural Oak | Hardwax oil White
Oak or linoleum color
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Oak | Hardwax oil Natural Oak | Hardwax oil White Mushroom Dark olive Smokey blue Nero
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Ø90 x H. 75 cm L. 80 x D. 80 x H. 75 cm
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Stafa wood small table

The Stafa table plate is fully made out of solid wood - oak or desktop linoleum (natural, warm to the touch, smooth, antibacterial surface material) glued on beech plywood. The solid oak plate option has steel stiffeners at the bottom side of the plate which prevent minor changes in the dimensions of the wooden parts over time due to the hygroscopy.
Wood finish: Oil finish available in White or Natural oil
Top: Solid wood: White or Natural oil,  linoleum: Nero, Mushroom, Dark olive, Smokey blue.
Dimensions: only with solid wood: White or Natural oil
Ø90 x H. 75 cm
L. 80 x D. 80 x H. 75 cm

For more wood stain and lacquer color options please contact us via our email or come to our physical store.

Oak treated with a plant-based hardwax oil finish, because it preserves the natural look, warmth and feel of wood. The oil penetrates the oak’s pores and nourish them from the inside out. It provides the needed protection by partly closing the pores, but still allowing the wood to breathe. So, the wood surface is more sensitive and requires maintenance, but therefore your product has a great natural touch of wood.
Finish available in white pigmented oil (oak remains natural, in its raw, unstained appearance) or with a natural oil (oak gets a darker appearance).
Thanks to its natural variations in the grain of all lumber, each solid oak furniture piece is unique. It is completely normal and natural that two same pieces of furniture do not have the same colour, appearance and texture. Because of the solid oak’s natural look, crafting and the way it ages, this all adds to its personality and the way it enlivens a living space.

Linoleum is an all-natural surface material, renowned for its elegance and durability. It provides many essential benefits, which makes this material truly loved. The impressive list of props goes on: linoleum is waterproof, absorbs sound, is antistatic, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
Thanks to the natural composition and the tactile surface finish material actively resists the build-up of static charges, which prevents dirt or dust from sticking on the surface, keeping it unblemished and hygienic clean.

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Gazzda oak color

Oak | Hardwax oil Natural, Oak | Hardwax oil White

Gazza top

Oak | Hardwax oil Natural, Oak | Hardwax oil White, Mushroom, Dark olive, Smokey blue, Nero


Ø90 x H. 75 cm, L. 80 x D. 80 x H. 75 cm

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