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2021, May 4
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2021, May 4

Pandora coffee table

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Pandora coffee table

Pandora expresses an extremely refined and studied in great detail. Pandora represents the marriage of several different elements in one single product.
It starts with a marble base, and goes up in a variety of components, made of solid wood, glass, gold and wonderful wooden tops.

1.Carrara marble base; natural oak; transparent glass; Platinum; Natural oak top.
2.Carrara marble base; natural oak; grey glass; Platinum; Natural oak top.
3.Port Saint-Laurent base; Canaletto walnut; amber glass; Gold; Canaletto walnut top.
4.Marquinia marble base; dark oak; pink glass; Platinum; heat-treated dark oak.

Dimensions: 6011

 ø 60 x H. 41 cm

Dimensions: 6012

 ø 45 x H. 47 cm

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