tuny tonin casa bed
Tuny bed by Tonincasa
2021, June 30
osuna tonin casa
Osuna bookcase by Tonincasa
2021, June 30

Abaco bookcase by Tonincasa

Monthly payment from 65.92 / 60 months

2,390.00 Inc. VAT

Abaco bookcase by Tonincasa

Abaco bookcase by Tonincasa
Bookshelf made out of modular elements that enable customizing in order to adapt it to your own space. Manufactured in lacquered MDF, inserts of canaletto walnut and dark oak make it original and dynamic. Lacquered wood bookcase with lacquered or wood veneer horizontal elements. Optional drawers and doors in wood veneer.

Free delivery for orders above €2000 in Europe

L. 100 x D.36 x H. 204 cm.



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